PEME can assist you to improve equipment reliability and increase your production up-time by ensuring your assets are maintained effectively and are running safely and legally.

We have the skills and capacity to deliver an effective mix of consultancy and engineering services that helps you implement sustainable solutions. A tailored maintenance solution is provided that includes the fast-track improvement of your asset care regime and an appropriate mix of the following services:

Productivity Improvement

 Legal Compliance

Project Installations

 Asset Care

Reliability Improvement Condition Monitoring


Our focus is on developing a long-term working partnership, building an understanding of your business, performance measures, safety and engineering processes. This ensures a strong sense of ownership of your assets by our engineers, allowing us to make your production facilities run better, safer and more cost-effectively.

With a talented workforce and a committed approach to our clients and asset care, PEME has a proven track record in several industry sectors working with many major manufacturers and utilities across the world.

If you want to find out if PEME’s maintenance reliability services could benefit you, please Contact Us