9Percent Not Enough


The IET has launched a social media campaign to highlight the fact that currently only 9% of the UK’s engineering and technology workforce are female. This statistic is even lower when looking specifically at the UK engineering sector.

PEME want to contribute to improving the gender balance and Laurie-ann Smith (PEME Reliability Engineer) attended the IET’s recent #9PercentIsNotEnough Conference. The conference provided a platform for sharing best practice on how to inspire, attract, recruit and retain women into the engineering and technology sectors. The conference coincided with the International Women In Engineering Day, and was a showcase for real and practical solutions to the challenges in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Laurie-ann is shown in the picture (somewhere) making the point that 9% is just not enough.

After the day Laurie-ann advised  “I really enjoyed the #9PercentIsNotEnough conference, it was a brilliant event that provided some practical solutions for SMEs like PEME in how we can overcome gender balance issues. I found it really inspiring.”