Asset Care

PEME provides you with an Asset Care team that maintains and improves your production assets, so you meet your manufacturing targets and your engineering legal compliance commitments.

We do this by improving equipment reliability and safety. PEME’s approach from initial engagement through to achieving measurable results involves: 

PEME - What We Do

Step One – Assessment and Asset Care Solution Definition

We conduct an assessment of your existing Asset Care regime to establish the ‘as-is’ and identify the ‘gap’ between existing arrangements and an appropriate level of best-practice. An Asset Care solution is then defined to close the ‘gap’ and deliver improved performance.

Step Two – Implement Asset Care Solution

PEME assists in implementing the Asset Care solution.  This help ranges from delivery of specific functions such as planned maintenance to upskilling an existing in-house Asset Care team. We are able to deliver a complete range of joined-up, value-add engineering services including:

Step Three – On-going Improvement

PEME uses a dynamic approach to on-going Asset Care improvement that leads to a higher level of production. This typically involves:

  • Reliability Improvement
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Training and mentoring to up-skill the workforce
  • Introduction of maintenance KPIs to measure and drive performance
  • Identifying and dealing with repeat failures
  • Ensuring regular Engineering Compliance checks are conducted
  • Provide meaningful information to engineers and managers to ensure the right decisions are made

What are the Benefits of PEME’s Asset Care strategy?