Filling Lines Overhauled

PEME Maintenance Team

PEME identified significant degradation and unreported faults across 4 Filling Lines during the mobilisation of an Asset Care contract.  An overhaul was justified, agreed with our client and delivered by PEME resulting in a reduction in engineering downtime.

PEME completed a Maintenance Improvement Project  during the mobilisation phase of an Asset Care contract.  This included a Condition Check which involves conducting a visual survey of assets to identify degradation and faults that exist but have not been detected or reported by the existing maintenance regime.  Often the non-reporting or missing of developing failures are due to ‘factory blindness’ where the current maintenance team no longer recognise / report potential failure conditions. In this case, the Condition Check found a significant amount of unreported failures such as worn shafts, bearings, chains, etc.  Furthermore, analysis of production and failure data revealed an unacceptable breakdown trend.

The Maintenance Improvement Project developed a new Preventive Maintenance regime but the amount of Corrective Maintenance generated from the initial Condition Check justified a planned overhaul of specific assets within the 4 Filling Lines to return them to a good standard before the new maintenance regime was implemented.

PEME identified the parts required for the overhaul and supplied our client with a costed proposal and project plan to carry out the overhauls across all 4 Filling Lines. The overhauls were carried out by the PEME on-site day-crew team led by Ben Jennings.  The work carried out has increased Plant availability and resulted in a steep decline in the number of breakdowns.  The new Asset Care  regime will look for and monitor degradation and maintain the assets to an acceptable standard, thereby avoiding future breakdowns.