Apprenticeship Scheme

Musk has developed a comprehensive apprentice training scheme.  The scheme, which began in 2004, has proven extremely successful in bringing fresh talent to our engineering teams.  The scheme includes training options in mechanical, electrical, welding or design engineering.

The National Apprenticeship Service has overall responsibility for apprenticeships in England and through them Musk is a recognised provider of apprenticeships.

The selection process for our apprentice intake involves interviews as well as numeracy, literacy and dexterity testing.  Successful applicants will complete a three to four year programme which includes academic and vocational studies and results in an advanced engineering apprenticeship qualification.

The first week of the training programme is a comprehensive Health and Safety induction.  Apprentices will visit Musk client sites and receive formal training in confined space work, working at height, hot work including fire watching, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements and manual handling.

During the first year of the scheme, apprentices are normally based at a single site, where a mentor will be assigned.  Mentors and trainees work in pairs providing our trainees with the technical foundation required for advanced learning.  Mentors are carefully chosen from our skilled engineers to maximise an apprentice’s development. Trainees are carefully monitored to ensure satisfactory progress and are assessed and skills tested on a regular basis.  Our assessment programme ensures an extremely high success rate for both course completion time and grades achieved.

After the first year, apprentices work on multiple client sites where experience is gained in varied industrial environments on a vast range of different equipment.  As experience, skills and knowledge develop, trainees will gradually take on increased responsibility until work can be carried out safely to the desired standard.  Trainees soon find themselves able to take on Asset Care tasks with the required assistance from experienced engineers.

Upon the completion of the programme, having gained knowledge, skills and experience, our apprentices are awarded their qualification.  Further career development opportunities exist for suitable candidates and they have the opportunity to progress to supervisor and manager levels within the business.  Many of our ex-apprentices are now Managers and Supervisors within Musk.

Applications are invited each year between March and June.
If you are interested in applying for a Musk apprenticeship, you can apply by clicking on the Apply on-line button on this page