PEME is an ISO 14001 certified company.  We abide by national and local environmental legislation when going about our Asset Care activities.

Our Environmental Manager is a senior member of the PEME management team and has the responsibility and authority to constantly review, develop, co-ordinate and monitor the effectiveness of and ensure compliance with the PEME Environmental Management System, in order to meet our legal responsibilities and the requirements of our clients.

Our Asset Care services comply with the following principles:

  • During the course of our day-to-day business activities, we will not knowingly do anything which may cause lasting harm to the environment; nor will we use, or cause to be used, any substance which by its use may have a detrimental effect on the environment
  • Where it could be conceived that the environment could possibly be unavoidably affected in some way by our day-to-day activities, then all due precaution shall be taken in order to ensure that any effect on the environment will be either eliminated or kept to an absolute minimum in accordance with local and national legislation and guidelines
  • All waste generated by, or as a result of work done by PEME is properly disposed of through an approved waste disposal company or agent
  • Where work done by PEME shall be the cause of fume, or significant amounts of dust to be produced, and where that generated fume or dust could cause nuisance and / or distress to others, then proper precaution shall be taken to ensure that any fume or dust produced is either adequately contained, or removed at source
  • Noise generated by our activities will be kept as low as is possible in the prevailing circumstances. Where that generated noise should unavoidably reach a level, which may cause nuisance to others then due notice will be given and due measures taken in order that the nuisance caused be as minimal as is possible
  • We will, where circumstances allow, use substances which have been re-cycled and / or which can be re-cycled after their use

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