Leadership Development

The PEME Leadership Development Program identifies engineers in our business with the potential to become our future leaders. The program ensures we will provide you with excellent on-site Asset Care leadership.

We have developed an in-house Team Leader training program to ensure our Asset Care team leaders and operations managers have a thorough understanding of PEME’s internal processes and systems and that they are also competent in supervision, leadership, project management, Safety and Reliability

Those selected for this program will be employed on a range of sites and within different Asset Care roles to broaden their experience levels.  They are allocated a mentor from within the existing PEME management team to provide guidance and support during the program.  Participants are challenged to not only excel in their daily responsibilities, but are also challenged with various assignments, helping them learn our overall business and build relationships with our clients.

Upon successful completion of the initial team leader training program, participants will proceed on a leadership career path of increasing responsibility and have the opportunity to grow as far as their abilities will take them.  Many of our current team leaders and operations managers have been developed through this program.

The PEME Leadership Development Program ensures the success of our
Asset Care services