Bakery Asset Care

Bakery Asset Care

A leading bakery has recently completed a significant multi-million pound investment to replace and introduce new production assets.  PEME was tasked with quickly completing an Asset Care initiative to identify appropriate Preventive Maintenance tasks and quantify the level-of-effort required to deliver these tasks.

This Asset Care project will ensure that the new investment will be able to meet the designed production requirements and also ensure that our client’s significant capital investment remains in a good condition throughout its operational life.  Accurately estimating the level-of-effort allows for the required engineering resource to conduct the new maintenance regime to be quantified and windows identified within production schedules to conduct the necessary preventive maintenance tasks.

We utilised PEME’s fast-track approach to Maintenance Improvement which was tailored following a workshop with the client engineering manager. The key aspects of this asset care project included:

  • Criticality analysis (to understand the likely impact of failure on the business and what emphasis should be placed on maintenance priorities for individual assets);  
  • A Condition Monitoring Survey to allow for pragmatic, non-intrusive techniques such as vibration analysis, thermography, acoustics and oil analysis to detect degradation before a breakdown;  
  • A Lubrication Survey to ensure the correct lubricant grade and quantity is specified within meaningful task descriptions that clearly identify lubrication points and method of application; 
  • Use of PEME’s fast-track Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) methodology for identifying appropriate, cost-effective and justified PM tasks and finally, technical authoring to ensure the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Word Order task descriptions were unambiguous.

The project was conducted by PEME Reliability Operations Manager (Danny Watt) pictured who said “This was a really enjoyable Maintenance Improvement project that involved working closely with our clients engineering team.  They were forward thinking and recognised the need for Asset Care, provided the necessary inputs and provided clear guidance on their outcome expectations.  I believe introducing the new Preventive Maintenance regime early in the life of the new assets will ensure the they do not suffer unacceptable levels of future breakdowns.”