Belgium Project Complete

Belgium Project Complete

PEME have completed a major Chemical Manufacturing Plant Dismantling Project in Belgium.   In addition to the involvement of PEME’s UK-based engineering team, this project has required PEME to appoint and project manage multiple sub-contracting companies (small and large) and work with organisations across Europe in several languages.

This has been a complex and challenging project requiring PEME to complete the following key activities:

  • Appoint and co-ordinate the work of local Safety co-ordinators, safety engineers and environmental consultants to comply with Belgian law
  • Complete a construction asbestos survey, risk assessments prior to work starting and develop and introduce a safety induction in 3 languages
  • Secure the site with security fencing and multi-language signage
  • Identify equipment to be transferred to other sites; the assets were removed, cleaned and transferred to various sites across Europe
  • Destroy business sensitive equipment, not being transferred
  • Survey the remaining equipment and set-up an on-line auction to sell re-usable assets via an on-line auction specialist
  • Employ a specialist cleaning sub-contractor to clean transferred equipment
  • Appoint a waste recycling specialist to safely remove and dispose of all remaining equipment
  • Ensure electrical distribution systems were made-safe
  • PEME HR were responsible for arranging travel, accommodation and specialist training, such as Confined Space
  • PEME Accounts ensured that a euro account was created and managed efficiently

Project in Figures:

  • Approximately 30,000 man hours on-site over a 15 month period
  • Over 2,500 tonnes of waste generated and processed from the cleaning phase
  • Over 1,300 tonnes of scrap metal processed
  • Over 60 items transferred to other sites owned by the Client
  • Over 60 items sold via auction
  • Over 180 Safety Audits completed
  • Over 20 Near Misses registered
  • 1 Minor incident

The Project was led by PEME’s Richard Rollings who is shown securing the gate for the final time.  Richard said “It is always sad to close and dismantle a manufacturing site but I take great job satisfaction and pride in the way that PEME as a whole has delivered this large project.  Many of our engineers have been involved and all have made a real contribution to not only getting the work done but doing it in a very safe manner with no environmental contamination consequences”.