Camps International Fundraising

Alison & Auroosa from the PEME Accounts Department are helping to raise funds for the charity ‘Camps International’.  This charity sends students on expeditions to Asia, Africa and South America to work on projects to help improve poorer communities.

The stepson of PEME Operations Manager, Kevin Boddy, has signed-up to be part of a team to go on an expedition to Borneo, where he will help to build a school for under Privileged children.  His expedition will be for one month and he will live as part of a rural community, working on a range of projects that will help to improve the standards of living for the people there.  He will also be taking part in a forest regeneration project to protect the wildlife and the environment.  For Kev’s stepson (Mike) to be able take part in this expedition he needs to raise funds. Please click on the link if you would like to find out more about Camps International.

Kev Boddy is shown in the picture, delighted at the news that the support from PEME in purchasing Samosas and Mince pies made by Auroosa and Alison raised a Grand Total of £53.00. Kev was particularly delighted with his own forest regeneration project.