Electrical Compliance

PEME conducted an electrical mains distribution and test program on a major manufacturing Plant following a reportable accident. This program was delivered by our Engineering Compliance team.  We then carried out a range of electrical remedial work packages to ensure the site industrial electrical installations met current legislation requirements.

We designed and manufactured T1 & 2 main Power Distribution Panels and replaced them over two planned shutdowns to avoid loss of production. This was required due to the age and the dangerous condition of the existing panels. Once installed all outgoing circuits were re-tested.

The Plant had suffered from a ‘Just-add-this’ attitude in the past. This had resulted in overloaded cable containment or cables just hanging from one point to another. PEME created a new cable highway throughout the Plant with enough capacity for future expansion. This was constructed using high quality heavy duty fittings utilising our in-house Fabrication and Industrial Electrical Installations capability.

Code 1 (NICEIC definition; requires urgent attention) and Code 2 (NICEIC definition; requires improvement) faults were prioritised, grouped into areas and costed for the faults to be rectified. This included the replacement of various distribution boards and the rationalization of distribution boards in areas and rewiring of the circuits within that area to the new distribution board. When these installations were completed test certification was issued and single line drawings were updated to reflect the changes. We tested 90 distribution boards containing 738 circuits. The total of Code 1 faults was 229. The total of Code 2 faults was 682.

The installations took place while production was running, then the changeover took place during a planned shutdown, avoiding uneconomical down-time. One of the major benefits of this work was the rationalisation which allowed the removal of unnecessary distribution boards and wiring.

A lack of equipotential bonding throughout the Plant had been identified and we rectified this by installing an earthing network from the main incoming supplies to newly installed earth bars. From these earth bars earth cables were run to the incoming services and building steelwork.

This case study provides an example of how PEME can contribute to major improvements in your Plant’s electrical safety by utilising
our Engineering Compliance services