Compliance Health-Check

Following a reportable accident within a major industrial manufacturing Plant, PEME was contracted to conduct an Engineering Compliance Health-Check of the electrical installations and machine PUWER arrangements on the effected site. This work has made a major contribution to site safety and efficiency.

The Engineering Compliance Health-Check identified that the site’s industrial electrical installations needed significant attention and confirmed what documentation existed and the extent of any required remedial work.

A comprehensive PEME Health-Check Report identified the following issues:

  • Lack of drawings
  • Lack of test certification for new installations
  • Lack of periodic test and inspection report
  • No cable identification
  • Inaccurate labelling of circuits within the distribution boards
  • Insufficient emergency lighting cover
  • The main power distribution panels required replacing
  • No Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) information

Our client engaged PEME to assist them in ensuring the electrical installation met current legislation requirements. This is a long-term Asset Care partnering agreement in which PEME has committed to maintain and improve our client’s Industrial Electrical Installations and engineering assets. We produced a structured, fully-costed action plan rather than a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to the accident and assisted the client in the setting of engineering budgets for the years ahead.

PEME managed and delivered a recovery program which addressed:

We also produced a separate PUWER report on various machines within the Plant. PUWER or the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations require users of work equipment to carry out regular risk assessments which are documented and kept on file. The regulations require that all provided work equipment is suitable for its intended task and can be used without putting persons at risk. Our engineers facilitated an assessment of each machine with the assistance of the Plant management, machine operators and maintainers. This report included a costed action plan to bring these machines and processes up to current legislation.

The PEME  on-site team called-on our in-house industrial electrical and mechanical Design and Software engineers to work on various Remedial Work Packages. These involved guarding, alignment and process problems on several machines.