Mains Distribution Now Safe

Working on behalf of an industrial manufacturing client, PEME carried out an electrical mains distribution Health-Check and test program that led to an action plan to rectify identified faults and brought-about a step-change in electrical safety within the Plant.

Our Engineering Compliance team worked through the electrical installations from each transformer through the power distribution network to the final circuits. They reported any potentially dangerous faults back to the site electrical engineer to allow immediate action. Once the information was gathered our in-house Design team compiled a provisional single line drawing for each transformer.

Working with the PEME produced single line drawing a team of 2391 certificated electricians carried out a periodic test and inspection report. This was carefully planned around production schedules to limit down-time. Faults found during a periodic test and inspection report are given codes 1, 2, 3 or 4. If a code 1 or a code 2 is given, the installation is in an unsatisfactory condition. Code 1 faults require urgent attention, code 2 faults require improvement, code 3 faults require further investigation and code 4 faults indicate that part of the installation does not comply with current regulations. All installations that fail a periodic test and inspection report and require remedial work should be given a retest after the remedial work is completed.

Utilising the resources within our Condition Monitoring department, PEME also compiled a thermal image report on all the distribution boards and main control panels.

The information from the periodic test and inspection report and separate thermal image report was used to verify the provisional single line drawings. The findings were then used to compile a prioritised action plan to rectify all the code 1 & 2 issues together with any urgent thermal issues.