Dairy Asset Care

PEME supported a major dairy to deliver Asset Care.  The client required additional resources to deliver the Asset Care Strategy necessary to reduce unscheduled down-time and achieve productivity Improvement.

This program included the following activities:

  • An initial Assessment to establish the ‘gap’ between existing arrangements, best-practise and the client aspirations
  • A tailored, Plant Maintenance solution was scoped and mobilised
  • Provision of a managed maintenance team responsible for Preventive and Corrective Maintenance tasks.  This resulted in a significant improvement in completion rates
  • The team also assisted with Breakdowns and asset overhauls
  • Implementation of a full Condition Monitoring programme including vibration analysis, thermography, acoustics and oil analysis.  This allowed potential failures to be detected and addressed before machine failure
  • A Maintenance Improvement project resulting in the creation of new Preventive Maintenance Task Lists and population of the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), in this case SAP
  • The new Task Lists were focused with quantitative task descriptions and detailed inspection criteria and access requirements.  This led to improved maintenance delivery
  • On-going Reliability Improvement