Cathy’s Long Service


Cathy Doherty is the latest of our colleagues to reach the 15 year landmark and be presented with a PEME long-service Award to recognise her commitment and contribution within our Accounts department.

Cathy is responsible for job costing and in all that time, has never knowingly issued a Job Number that has not been earned.

She initially joined PEME on six months maternity cover and never left us, even though the mother returned and the baby is now dating. On receiving this accolade Cathy said “I was overwhelmed this morning when I was presented with my award from PEME.  I was taken totally by surprise when the room started filling-up and gathered around my work station. So, from the bottom of my heart, a big, big thank-you.”

The picture provides an indication of how thrilled Cathy was to receive her long-service award from Julie Wright (Accounts Operations Manager) as she broke into a spontaneous jig accompanied by vigorous hand-clapping from Julie.