Chiller Jack PEME

PEME Chiller Pipework Installation

PEME’s Jack Murphy has completed the pipework installation for a new water chiller plant, used to service critical assets. This has helped our client to gain operational and environmental benefits including a reduction in annual operating costs whilst dealing with an obsolescence risk.


The Plant has assets which generate heat during operation and it is necessary to maintain a constant operating temperature.  Cooling is required to protect the assets and product. Without dependable temperature control the assets cannot operate and production of the product would not be possible.

Asset cooling was previously achieved by the circulation of chilled water supplied from stand-alone water chiller units, operating with the soon to be banned, R22 refrigerant.  These chiller units were inefficient and relied solely upon electrically powered compressors which were expensive to operate due to high electrical costs.  The chillers were also of an obsolete type, in design and construction, ageing and had experienced high utilisation.  This presented a major risk to sustainable production from the increasing risk of total failure.


The solution consisted of replacing the existing ageing and inefficient cooling water plant with new equipment.  The new equipment consisted of water chillers of modern design and arrangement, complete with ‘free cooling’ capability which allows chilled water to be produced without the need for electrically powered compressors during periods of suitable ambient air temperatures.  The ‘free cooling’ is attained by the inclusion of a cooling coil and fans arrangement.

The effected production assets and the new water chiller Plant required to be ‘connected’ with a new water chiller Plant pipework.  The new  installation, consisting of stainless steel pipework, flanges, valves and control systems, being connected to the existing supply and return cooling water distribution pipework.  PEME provided this essential new pipework element.

PEME has a permanent on-site team providing Project Installation and Plant Maintenance services and our  role in this project was to utilise this on-site capability to work with our client Project Engineer and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the new water plant assets and fabricate and install the required new pipework installation.  The work was led by PEME’s Jack Murphy who said “This was a very pleasing improvement project that has made a real difference to our client and met date and cost targets”. The PEME Site Manager, Kevin Boddy, said “The client feedback that I have received has been excellent and they have been impressed with the standard of workmanship from Chiller Jack’s team”.


The benefits achieved by our client include:

  • Cost-effective new pipework installation.
  • Significant energy cost savings in cooling water generation.
  • Risk of total failure of the existing equipment due to obsolescence removed.
  • Return-of-Investment of less than 3 years.