Chris Tangl Safety Award

PEME Electrical Apprentice, Chris Tangl, has been presented with a Safety Award from one of our manufacturing clients in recognition of his awareness and decisive action to remove a significant safety risk.

Whilst installing high level cable containment on an external wall, Chris noticed that a section of the parapet looked damaged.  He carried out a closer inspection and discovered that a block of approximately 10 bricks were very loose and hanging away from the building directly above the main pedestrian walkway up to the gatehouse.  Chris alerted his PEME supervisor, Lee Dale, and together they put barriers in-place and informed the client area manager and ensured the area was cordoned-off immediately until a repair had been carried out.

This prompt and decisive action prevented a severe risk of injury / death to personnel in the fall-path of the bricks should they have been dislodged.  PEME Site Supervisor, Stephanus Blignaut said “Chris’s awareness and willingness to take-on the responsibility to elevate the issue immediately has been recognised by our client with this award.  It not only reflects well on Chris as an individual but also on PEME’s safety culture”.

Chris is an electrical apprentice studying an advanced Electrotechnical Apprenticeship at Wisbech college. He joined PEME in June 2011 and has worked on several client sites carrying out electrical installation and Preventive Maintenance tasks. The picture shows Chris carrying out the installation that resulted in the discovery of the Near Miss.