Clive Ace Predictor

PEME operates a football predictions competition for fun, which is based on predicting score lines in Premier League matches with points being scored for either a correct score or correct result.  The winner of this year’s competition is Clive Wardle who wins our 2013/14 competition with a total of 624 points.

Some semi-interesting statistics follow:

  • Last year’s winning total was 561 points (2011/12 537, 2010/11 498, 2009/10 587). So Clive has scored more than anyone before
  • Second place goes to Alan Burrow with 575 points and whilst no cigar this year, that would have been good enough last year
  • The 100 pounds prize for May goes to Alex Milligan who scored 46 points for the month
  • The most common results in the Premier League this season were 1-0 (45 times), 2-0 (36 times) and 0-1 (30 times)
  • Clive predicted 1-0, 106 times, 2-0, 154 times and 0-1. 46 times; an interesting winning strategy that he obtained from
  • 179 (47%) matches were home wins, 78 (21%) were draws and 123 (32%) were away wins (last season’s figures were 44%/28%/28%)

The English Premier League itself was, of course, won this season  by Manchester City and some far more interesting MCFC statistics (happily provided by Tom Cosgrove) are:

  • A league-high pass success rate of 86.1 per cent
  • Beat MUFC home and away
  • 102 goals scored over the season
  • Second in the table in terms of average possession (58%)
  • Beat MUFC home and away
  • Conceding an average of just 9.5 shots per game, the lowest in the division
  • Also won the League Cup

Many thanks for all that took part in the competition this year and look out for exciting news about the 2014-2015 season competition.