Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Musk use Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) techniques to help establish the condition of your in-service equipment in order to allow you to schedule corrective maintenance at convenient times. Using CBM helps prevent the unexpected failure and downtime of equipment. The key to keeping your assets running well is “the right information at the right time”.

By knowing which of your assets needs corrective maintenance you can better plan the work required. What would previously have caused an unscheduled stop and downtime can be transformed into shorter and less frequent planned stops at times that suit your schedule, thus increasing asset availability. Other benefits of Condition Based Monitoring include increased equipment life, improved Plant safety, less accidents with a negative impact on the environment and optimised spare parts handling.

The CBM techniques offered by Musk include Vibration Analysis, Thermography, Ultrasound (Acoustic) and Oil Sampling applications. We have a dedicated team of reliability engineers accomplished in conducting Condition Based Monitoring and our mainstream technicians are provided with training to ensure they recognise when the introduction of Predictive Maintenance techniques will prove beneficial to you.

If you would like more information about how our CBM services could improve the condition of your assets please Contact Us