Condition Monitoring Result

PEME’s Condition Monitoring Manager, Paul Varty, has helped a client to avoid an unscheduled, in-service failure of a critical asset through the holistic use of several Predictive Maintenance techniques.

Through the use of Vibration Analysis, Paul had initially identified a defect associated with the gear teeth of a conveyor drive gearbox and further routine monitoring had reported a rapid degradation in its operational condition. He confirmed this with both a Thermal Inspection which indicated a heightened temperature zone where the damage was occurring and Oil Analysis, which had detected high metallic debris present in the gearbox oil. Gearbox replacement was planned and scheduled by the PEME Reliability Engineer based on the client’s site and the PEME on-site technicians replaced the gearbox at the next maintenance window.

This pro-active approach avoided a costly breakdown for the client and demonstrated the potential that a joined-up approach to Reliability, including Condition Monitoring, and Plant Maintenance, can have on maximizing Plant performance.

Paul said “these kind of results from our Condition Monitoring programs are not unusual”. Some further examples are provided below:

  • Extruder DC motor: Routine vibration analysis indicated a fault on a main drive motor.  The degradation was monitored and this allowed the motor replacement to be planned, avoiding a breakdown.
  • Gearbox failures: Repeat gearbox failures were being experienced with no obvious failure trends.  Oil analysis highlighted that refurbished gearboxes were being supplied with the wrong grade of oil leading to premature in-service failures.  A purchasing standard was set by our client and the problem was resolved at source.
  • Pump failures: A client was experiencing reoccurring pump failures and numerous mechanical inspections had failed to identify any issues.  Vibration analysis indicated baseplate flexing and remedials were completed leading to no further issues.
  • Extruder: Repeat failures were being experienced and the Plant mechanical technicians had been unable to identify any issues.  Vibration analysis indicated looseness on the driven component leading to corrective action and no further issues.

If you want to know more about how our Condition Monitoring service can improve your Plant Maintenance program then please contact us.