Corrective and Reactive Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is carried out after failure detection and is aimed at restoring an asset to an appropriate condition, whilst reactive maintenance is performed after a breakdown so an asset can perform its intended function.

Musk’s on-site Asset Care team can support you in the event of a breakdown or carry out planned corrective maintenance, in addition to delivering the Preventive Maintenance tasking.

Rapid repair of equipment that has broken down is critical to ensure uninterrupted operations, minimal downtime and optimal production.  We provide you with the assurance that a site support specialist will be available when needed with the backing of Musk’s extensive engineering knowledge and support network. Our service optimises asset availability and provides you with a reduction in labour costs, overtime hours and productivity losses.

Our engineers are skilled in conducting fault-diagnosis and the resulting maintenance tasks quickly and ensuring effective repairs are carried out.  They are trained to conduct RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and question whether they are addressing the cause of a failure with their actions or inappropriately dealing with the symptoms of an underlying problem.

That’s why Musk’s approach to Asset Care makes sense; it is what we do, it is our core competency.  We have a skilled, trained and motivated staff of exceptional engineers, supervisors and managers who can make your Plant run better.