Cost Avoidance Success

PEME - Dave Griffiths

Working with a member of the AkzoNobel production team, one of our Plant Maintenance engineers, avoided production loss by challenging the normal corrective action and instigating an approach that ensured manufacturing continued. The efforts of both have been recognised with an ‘On The Spot Award’ by the site.

PEME’s Dave Griffiths (pictured left) is based at AkzoNobel Stowmarket and whilst working on nights was called to a blockage in the outlet pipe from a critical production asset.  The typical approach, when this happens, is to pump the product out of the asset and clear the blockage. This results in an approximate scrap cost of £10,000. He is shown receiving his award from the Site Production Manager.

The pair fitted a temporary line to bypass the blocked line and reconfigure to an alternative asset. This allowed access to the blocked pipework so it could be cleared without stopping manufacturing and avoided product loss.

PEME Associate Director, Barrie Robinson said “We want our engineers to work closely with our client production personnel and we want our engineers to challenge ‘factory blindness’ and the normal way of doing things if there is a safe and more appropriate alternative.  Dave has these behavioural traits and is an excellent example to his Asset Care colleagues across PEME.”