Critical Bakery Asset Refurbished

PEME has a plant maintenance partnership with a well-known bakery producing some of the UK’s best-loved bread brands. In support of this contract we have refurbished a critical asset to improve reliability and productivity.

The machine is a tin-stacker / un-stacker which is used to unstack loaf tins (used to bake 6 loaves in each) and stack them singly to send them into the bread production line. The asset is critical and if it is unavailable for any reason has a major negative effect on production.

The client wished to increase the utilisation of this ageing asset and following a survey of the machine it was identified that the equipment was badly degraded, had poor reliability with frequent breakdowns and potentially presented hazards that increased safety risk.

This overhaul project met date and cost targets and was carried out by the PEME on-site team primarily responsible for Preventive Maintenance across the bakery.  Duncan Sayer (PEME Site Supervisor) said “the client feedback has been good and they have been impressed with the standard of workmanship”.