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PEME Oil Analysis

PEME supports our Plant maintenance clients with a holistic range of reliability services including Condition Monitoring.  This Predictive Maintenance approach identifies developing faults before a breakdown occurs.

This Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) capability has been featured in Works Management.

The Works Management article discusses how we have developed an integrated maintenance system tailored to the characteristics of a client’s site.  This approach is flexible and delivers production efficiency and cost benefits, as well as ensuring that any maintenance-related risks to health and safety fit the ALARP [as low as is reasonably practical] criteria.

Examples of recent Condition Monitoring successes are also provided in the article, such as: Routine vibration analysis on an extruder indicated a fault on a main dc drive motor. The degradation was monitored and this allowed its replacement to be planned, avoiding an uncontrolled in-service failure. Then, at another site, oil analysis indicated that repeat gearbox failures, which showed no obvious failure trends, were due to refurbished units being supplied with the wrong grade of oil. And, on another plant, where mechanical inspections had failed to identify the cause of its recurring pump failures, our vibration analysis indicated baseplate flexing. Remedials were completed, leading to no further issues.