CTR Arms Race

PEME CTR at Silverstone

CTR have announced the return of former passenger Patrick Farrance to the team for the final round of the Eastern Airways RKB-F1 British Sidecar Championship.

This follows the decision made by regular passenger, Kees Endeveld, to retire early from the Championship after a painful ride recently at Silverstone. Kees has undergone carpal tunnel surgery, earlier in the year, and possibly pushed himself too quickly to get back on the platform, resulting in extreme pain whilst riding the Silverstone circuit but CTR still managed to come in at 14th quickest in the pack.

CTR planned was to increase the pace with every lap of the qualifying race, which they managed to do, achieving 12th place before Craig entered the pit lane to give the CTR mechanics the opportunity to check the outfit over before returning to the circuit to set a final fast lap. Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work out, with Kees’ arms proving too painful, so driver Craig cruised the rest of the lap and back into pit lane before returning to the CTR awning in despondent mood. The decision was taken to circulate in Race 1 at a pace which would be 3-4 seconds slower than Craig and the sidecar were capable of, in order that Kees could at least complete the race distance and so pick up some much needed points.

The team stuck to this plan and managed to only drop one place to 13th position. It was decided to adopt a different approach for the last race of the meeting and start at the same pace as Race 1 but increase the speed each lap until Kees signalled to Craig to back-off the pace. This plan worked well until lap 4 when Kees arms demanded that the pace be slowed, allowing the CTR outfit to come home in 12th place.

Patrick Farrance has agreed to take the platform for CTR in the final round of the Championship at Brands Hatch, where the team hope to exploit the double points awarded at the meeting by making a final push for 8th place in the Championship.

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