CTR at Brands Hatch

PEME CTR at Brands Hatch

After some fantastic racing held recently at Brands Hatch, PEME CTR secured 9th place in round 6 of the Eastern Airways RKB F1 British Sidecar Championship.

Improving their lap time by over a second, driver Craig Chaplow said “This was the best weekends racing so far this year. If problems hadn’t been encountered with the sidecar, 5th place finishes would have been achieved”.

Problems began on the Friday 20 minute free practice when the clutch lever failed, but persistence paid off as the CTR duo managed 17 laps with a best time of 50 seconds earning them 8th place. Team Mechanic, Chris Jobbins, replaced a broken spring and fitted a different clutch lever and was kept busy all weekend making adjustments to the sidecar.

In the all important qualifying session, Craig and John managed to knock a few tenths of a second off the free practice time giving them 9th position, less than a second from 3rd place! Close but no cigar.

The afternoon provided some exciting racing with ongoing battles for the 5th to 10th positions, with overtaking on each corner. Unfortunately, CTR were overtaken on the last lap to finish in 10th place, only 5 seconds behind 5th place! Again, close but still no cigar. As the engine was not producing full revs due to a problem with the quick shift, the team decided to remove it which meant Craig had to shift gears whilst shutting the throttle.

Overall, a solid outcome for CTR who now stand in 9th place in the Championships. Craig thanked all the team for their efforts in gaining this achievement. With the next race at Donington, the team are working flat out to improve, aiming to equal last year’s 5th & 7th positions.

For updates, please check out the CTR Racing website http//www.ctr-racing.co.uk.