CTR Head to Snetterton

PEME CTR at Snetterton

PEME CTR Racing welcome new passenger John Briggs to the team for the Snetterton round of the Eastern Airways Championship. CTR are pleased to have John on board as he has a wealth of experience at national and international level.

John has agreed to step onto the platform in Kees Endevelds absence due to surgery on his forearm for a condition called Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome commonly known as “arm pump” this affects many motorcycle racers. Unfortunately Kees will be unable to race for 4-6 weeks.

Driver Craig Chaplow said “John’s knowledge and experience can only help drive the team forward.”CTR are keen to put on a great show for sponsors at Snetterton this weekend.Craig said: “it will be great to get back to Snetterton, and we will be aiming to improve on our best finish of 7th position this season.”

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