Duncan Delivers Workshops

PEME Fast-track RCM Workshop

PEME has delivered a series of one-day workshops to all technicians, supervisors and managers (from both engineering and production), as part of an Asset Care Improvement initiative that PEME is supporting on behalf of a manufacturing client.

We are completing a Maintenance Improvement Project for a construction sector manufacturer who had identified that their Asset Care arrangements require attention to improve planned maintenance activities and availability. Limited Preventive Maintenance (PM) tasks existed and as a result the Plant was operated on a mainly ‘reactive’ basis with significant periods of unscheduled down-time.

PEME are implementing a best-practice planned maintenance approach, making appropriate use of Condition Monitoring and ensuring Lubrication arrangements are appropriate. This has also involved populating and mobilising the use of a new Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

To ensure the site stakeholders understand the logic underlying the new Preventive Maintenance regime and to encourage ownership of the improved program the one-day workshops focus on the Fast-track Reliability Centred-Maintenance (RCM) methodology that PEME use to quickly generate quality PM Task Lists.

The workshop also trains site personnel in a practical process that allows maintenance engineers to recommend and justify continuous improvement changes to their new maintenance regime.  This ensures the RCM-based logic is maintained and that proposed changes are justified and will deliver real benefits.  Additionally, guidance is provided in how to write descriptive and meaningful task descriptions that are quantitative and unambiguous.

Duncan Maxwell (PEME Reliability Manager) is shown in full flow explaining the key components of an Asset Care Strategy or explaining the virtues of welsh pit ponies

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