Duncans Hedgelaying Competition

PEME Reliability Manager, Duncan Maxwell, has recently organised a local Hedgelaying Competition. Hedgelaying is a country skill, which, through the creation and maintenance of hedges, achieves the formation of livestock-proof barriers, rejuvenates existing hedgerows by encouraging them to put on new growth and helps to improve their overall structure and strength.  This provides greater weather protection to crops and wildlife and aesthetically pleasing screens to fields.

Duncan is a Condition Monitoring specialist and a keen horseman and as he spends much of his leisure time in the open air is committed to maintaining and improving the countryside and the wider environment and sees organising this annual Hedgelaying competition as an ideal opportunity to learn new skills, whilst contributing to improvements in the area that he exercises his horses.

Duncan said “the event was a great success and like Reliability, the theory behind laying a hedge is easy. The practice is much harder and requires skill and experience. The aim is to reduce the thickness of the upright stems of the hedgerow trees by cutting away the wood on one side of the stem and in line with the course of the hedge. This being done, each remaining stem is then laid down towards the horizontal, along the length of the hedge”. The picture shows one that Duncan made earlier.