Engineering Compliance Diploma

PEME – Engineering Compliance Diploma

PEME has rolled-out a new Engineering Compliance Diploma for our Asset Care personnel to attend.  The purpose of this internal training is to ensure all our employees have a sound-grounding in the subject and understand their role in making production assets safer.

Engineering Compliance merges Government regulations with general engineering principles and human risk factors, creating a challenging position for many manufacturers. PEME handles Engineering Compliance tasking for several of our Asset Care partners and this includes performing health-checks, management of compliance regimes, conducting statutory maintenance tasking such as Fixed Appliance Testing (FAT), Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) / ATmosphere EXplosibles (ATEX) inspections and carrying out remedial requirements from this activity.

The PEME Diploma consists of three modules: with the first providing an overview and focussing on maintenance, inspection and training;  the second addresses topics such as dangerous parts of machines, isolation from energy sources and access / egress; whilst the third, covers subjects including, controls, lighting / emergency lighting, markings / warnings and FAT / PAT.

Managers, team leaders, Reliability specialists, designers and engineers attend the training and Steve Wiles (PEME Engineering Compliance Subject-Matter-Expert) is shown delivering a module to a mixed-team of PEME engineers with their heads-down identifying the difference between the terms “efficient state”, “efficient working order” and “good repair” in relation to Health and Safety within PUWER Regulation 5.