“Excellent Work Gents”

Wheat Silo Sorted

A Silo used to store wheat at one of our client sites was partially condemned by a structural engineer because bracing was missing due to damage and degradation and the silo wall plates had started to distort.

This provided PEME with the opportunity to utilise our full Asset Care capability to provide a joined-up, cost-effective solution; including initial inspection, mechanical design, structural repairs within a confined space, Condition Monitoring and Reliability Improvement.

An initial joint meeting was held, to discuss repair options with our client, the structural engineer and PEME engineers. PEME conducted an internal physical inspection and compiled a report which resulted in a remedial repair scheme being agreed.  The PEME Design department drew-up plans for the repair and the inclusion of additional top entry points to allow unrestricted safe access to all internal structures.

The PEME on-site Projects Installation team, led by PEME Operations Manager, James McAuley, completed the internal repairs, working under confined space conditions, over a planned shut-down and compiled a new report on the status of the silo.  Following the repair, the silo was returned to operation and capable of full line capacity.

The PEME Reliability department developed a new Preventive Maintenance Work Order to monitor the silo by tracking the condition of the internal structure. Multiple datum readings were taken with an Ultrasonic Measurement tool to establish a new base-line, following the repair. A bi-annual task has now been scheduled to repeat the measurement and flag any movement. The Work Order also incorporate an inspection of the internal braces.

Our client’s Group Operational Engineering Manager provided the following positive feedback “Excellent work Gents. Thank you all for your tenacity and sticking with it. Moreover a job done safely and professionally.”

The Business Unit Engineering Manager was also complementary saying “Fantastic work and report James a credit to you.”