Fire Assets Tool

PEME’s design department has created a bespoke Fire Asset Tool for a client, who had identified that their existing fire safety documentation was not complete, lacked visibility and did not follow best-practice.

The client tasked PEME with producing a fire asset and emergency lighting drawing set suitable for use by emergency services and client personnel and for it to be made widely available via a web-enabled central depository.

Updated site layout CAD drawings, showing the location of fire safety-related assets and emergency lighting, were produced. 

A bespoke Fire Assets Tool was provided which assists our client in the control of critical fire safety-related assets and increases visibility of this essential information. The task was carried out in very short timescales by PEME Software engineer, George Lovell and Mechanical Draughtsman, James Henson. The key activities were as follows:

• Requirements Workshop to identify what functionality was required and if any ‘data-gaps’ existed.

• Site walk to obtain fire asset data and obtain additional information required for the production of site layout drawings. This involved surveying the whole site and identifying the location of fire assets such as fire extinguishers, final exit points, fire alarms, etc.

• Production of suitable site layout CAD drawings indicating the position of fire assets for use in an emergency pack and for uploading to the PCR. A set of graphics were produced that related to individual fire assets and AutoCAD tools such as Freeze, Layers and Tab Functions were used to break the site drawing into specific areas. Graphics were inserted in the correct location with their unique identification number. A key was created and the drawings ensured the assets stood out clear and visible to suit the purpose of the drawing.

• Creation of a bespoke Fire Assets Tool, uploading of fire asset data and client end-user Training.

This is a further example of PEME’s willingness to go the extra mile on behalf of a client to provide an innovative solution to one of their challenges. James Henson said “I enjoyed carrying out this task because of its purpose. I had to use the graphics and produce drawings that are user-friendly for emergency services and client engineers”. George advised “It was another day-in-the office for me as I routinely deliver bespoke software solutions for internal and external customers”.