First Class Degree

PEME Reliability Manager, David Hughes, has a wealth of experience in improving the Asset Care arrangements of our industrial partners and to enhance his skill-sets he has recently completed a Mechanical Engineering BSc course at the University of Northampton.

As a young man, David left college with NVQ’s and completed a mechanical engineering apprenticeship in the maintenance department of an international manufacturing company. He subsequently progressed into engineering management and needed to upgrade his academic qualifications with a relevant  degree in Mechanical Engineering.

David completed his degree course at the University of Northampton. He completed modules in: Machines and Mechanisms; Applications of Engineering; Economics and Management for Engineers; Lean Manufacturing and Quality Applications and an Engineering Project.

The BINDT (British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) has its offices at the university and this provided excellent access to this Predictive Maintenance organisation and was reflected in lectures in Condition Monitoring techniques.

David is shown on his graduation day, exuberant in his cap and gown, and said “ Initially the workload was hard, having been out of education for over 10 years, I needed to recap topics I had not practiced since leaving college to get myself ‘back-up-to-speed’.  However, as the degree progressed, my experience of working in industry gave me the advantage of relating my practical experience to the subject matters I studied; this meant I was able to visualise concepts and equate them to real-life applications that I found easier to remember. This method enabled me to achieve good results at the end of each term, motivating and aspiring me to achieve the best result I could get and at the end of the course my hard work was rewarded with a 1st Class degree in Mechanical Engineering.”

David is obviously well-chuffed with his result but so is PEME Associate Director, Karen Pike who said “When David joined PEME he had partially completed this course and we took a decision to complete his sponsorship and ensure he could continue the day-release to complete the course.  David has been very diligent in achieving a fantastic result and we are delighted with the outcome and the promise of him applying this knowledge to the benefit of our clients who are seeking productivity improvement.”