First Vietnam PEME Project

PEME is providing the project installation skills that are helping to assure the success of a factory start-up in Vietnam. We have already commissioned many factories across the world but this current project is PEME’s first in Vietnam.

Our philosophy of total flexibility in order to meet our clients’ needs was tested to the full with this project, when we were asked to work with a major manufacturing system integrator and supply a team of over 20 engineers, at short notice and at the same time as other major project installation work on 2 different continents.

We were able to use our extensive practical experience to actively assist the system integrator with the installation and commissioning process by rolling-up our sleeves and getting stuck-in within minutes of first arriving at the plant. This commitment has ensured that the project is meeting quality, cost and deadline targets.

The system integrator is a specialist in modularizing, which involves the construction and pre-assembling of equipment, machine components and modules which are then transported to the final destination. The structure, system or unit is fully tested in a pre-assembly facility to ensure functionality, safety and accuracy. Then, it is partially disassembled and carefully transported in large sections including piping, electrical components and ductwork to arrive at the plant intact and ready to be easily re-assembled with the assistance of the PEME Project Installations team.