First Year Anniversary

Treerange House Pic 2

PEME are celebrating the Anniversary of our first year in our new offices. We moved to the new offices with great loyalty from existing clients, have built relationships with new clients and are looking forward to strengthening both even further.

PEME’s Finance Director, Ian Morris, said recently “Everyone within PEME has made a contribution to achieve this; whether working on our Clients sites or at Head Office and we are very grateful. Thank You”.

For those of you that have not visited the new offices, the HR Team and the Accounts Team share a large open-plan office, participating in the odd stress ball throwing fight. There’s also a breakout area, Conference room and Condition Monitoring laboratory. The Management Team and the Design department share another large open-plan office. Senior stakeholders participate in a monthly balanced score card meeting to ensure the PEME business strategy is being delivered and an innovative meeting space / Visual Management wall facilitates this activity.  Marketing information is found opposite the Conference room.

The new layout promotes a healthy working environment and positive atmosphere and our colleagues based there and those visiting seem to enjoy the new environment and have provided very positive feedback.

If you are interested in visiting PEME at our new offices and discussing how PEME can help ensure you have safe production assets achieving their full potential then please Contact Us