Gary’s 20-Years Celebrated

PEME – Gary Williams

Gary Williams has received his 20-Year Service Award for working with PEME and consistently delivering engineering excellence. He currently works with our Burton Latimer-based team and has a key role in ensuring our customer’s expectations are met.

Gary is a vital member of our team conducting tasks ranging from maintenance duties such as lighting repairs and testing and certification of newly installed electrical circuits through to the electrical installation of new production lines. His experience and knowledge on-site is invaluable, especially when it comes to control panels and fault-finding. He always follows correct procedures and scores highly on all PEME and client audits (Green card Award).

Lee Dale, the PEME Operations Manager that leads this team, is shown presenting Gary with this milestone award and said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating Gary’s 20 years of great service as he has demonstrated his dedication and loyalty to PEME and our clients year-after-year. He is a skilled engineer who can ‘turn-his-hand’ to pretty much anything and has a vast amount of site experience. He always gives his colleagues the confidence that the job will be done right, first time. Gary is very diligent in what he does and is very thoughtful about his working environment, e.g. always making sure his work area is clean and tidy with no risk of product contamination”.

Darren Martin, Engineering Director at PEME said: “I’m delighted that Gary has achieved this milestone. It is dedication like his that ensures our clients are provided with a safe and productive manufacturing environment. I first worked with Gary during my apprenticeship and learnt some valuable lessons about work-place behaviour and the discipline of following the correct processes” .