Gas – GAs – GAS…

PEME has recently completed a combustible Gas Leak Survey, across five UK manufacturing sites, on behalf of one of our Plant maintenance clients to contribute to their Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) maintenance regime.

The purpose of the Survey was to implement a suitable, cost-effective and pragmatic test procedure for the identification of any potential hazards and combustible gas leaks. The PEME developed procedure checked internal gas pipework flanges and joints, using Airborne Ultrasound detection techniques. A simple program of leak inspection and repair contributes towards reducing safety risks.

PEME has significant experience in providing Condition Monitoring  services and identifying and developing bespoke Reliability  solutions, e.g. Asset Obsolescence and Critical Spares Stockholding Analysis.  The Survey was led by Danny Watt (PEME Reliability Operations Manager).

The following activities were completed:

  • Develop, document and prove a repeatable procedure, including the                             identification of suitable testing equipment.
  • Produce Risk Assessment and Method Statement.
  • Complete the on-site Gas Leak Survey and tag / capture location details of discovered leaks.
  • Update the client Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) including the completion of the Preventive Maintenance  Work orders and the raising of Corrective Maintenance  Work Orders.

 The following benefits were achieved:

  • Systematic surveying using this procedure locates and identifies combustible leaks or migrating gases before hazardous levels occur.
  • The PEME procedure utilises Airborne Ultrasound Detection and is non-intrusive, which means the Survey is completed whilst the Plant is operational, avoiding downtime.
  • The graphic visualisation of discovered gas leaks improves the management of gas leaks.
  • The development of a bespoke solution by PEME ensures effective implementation without major client disruption.