Gold Certified Integrator

PEME has recently been awarded Gold Certified Integrator status by Inductive Automation for their flagship Ignition SCADA system following extended training at the company’s headquarters in California, USA.

PEME Software engineer George Lovell has completed the required assessments for PEME to be recognised as Gold Certified within the firm’s Integrator programme.

Ignition by Inductive Automation  is a HMI and SCADA system originally developed by a group of software engineers who were frustrated with the limitations and restrictions imposed by traditional vendors in the market place.

Its “Unlimited Licensing” concept allows the software to be bought once and then permits unlimited clients, tags, connections and scalability. This is in contrast to many other packages which force the customer to pay expensive licence fees every time they want to add an additional screen to their system. Databases and data logging are at the heart of Ignition and it connects easily to all modern systems as well as allowing out-of-the-box connectivity to PLCs from leading manufacturers.

George commented, “This is a very impressive product which is flexibile and easy to customise. I look forward to implementing it on behalf of our clients”.

Find out more on the Inductive Automation website.