Good Safety Practice

PEME - Ian Aram

PEME engineer, Ian Aram, has been awarded a monthly Contractor Safety Award by Tate & Lyle for displaying a great commitment to his tasking and an excellent attitude towards safe practices.

Ian, working with machine operators, achieved a perfect zero centrifuge basket swing record during a recent period.  Centrifuges spin-off excess syrup, but can suffer from uneven sugar build-up leading to imbalance. Ian demonstrated terrific dedication not only to ensure the availability of these critical production assets but also to ensure safety is not compromised.

PME’s Health, Safety & Environmental Manager, Michael Edwards, said “Ian is a very experienced engineer with an eye for detail and a desire to do the best job he can for our client; this work ethic is why he’s also been chosen to mentor some of our apprentices over the years. I always look forward to auditing Ian at his work site as he always has something relevant to highlight and is happy to discuss positive interventions that need to be addressed. Ian’s approach and attitude and the results he’s achieved highlight, in a very positive way, the PEME approach to partnership with our clients that is at the root of our business stragtegy.“