Goodbye Mr. Wu

PEME's Robinson, Wu and Pike

PEME is saying goodbye to a very special employee, Phil Wu, who is retiring having worked for us for the last 11 years at AkzoNobel Slough, but has worked on the site since 1980; an impressive 35 years.

Phil works on PEME’s Asset Care contract and Barrie Robinson, PEME Associate Director responsible for this contract, said: “I’d like to send a big thank you to Phil, for his dedication and great support to PEME over the past 11 years. He has been an essential part of the PEME on-site team since he began. I especially want to highlight his accomplishments in maintaining the condition of our clients assets as he has truly done a marvellous job.”

As a recognition of his achievements and commitment, Phil (centre) is shown being presented with a leaving card and gift from PEME Associate Directors Barrie Robinson and Karen Pike.

Karen said “We have many employees with long service but the remarkable thing about Phil is that he has never had a day off sick in 11 years of service with us.  Although we will all miss him, Phil now deserves time for his family and friends. On behalf of everyone at PEME, I wish him a happy and healthy future.”