“Heating System Down”

Matt Lawrence, electrical team leader on a PEME on-site Asset Care team received an urgent phone call reporting that the heating system for a business unit had been non-operational for a period of time and they had not been successful in restoring the system.

The unit has two sub-systems, a piped hot water system (Primary) and an electric immersion system (Back-up). The heating systems ensure that pipework remains heated throughout the production process. If however, both of these systems fail then the business unit has roughly 24 hours before it can no longer produce. They had been operating without the Primary and relying on the back-up system which had also been down for some time and so had already moved into ‘squeaky-bum’ territory.

Matt and his team conducted an initial physical survey, carried out testing and identified the issue as a fault with the heating system control circuit.  PEME Sparky Mick Hutton (pictured) concluded that there was an issue with the main contactor resulting in the fuses constantly tripping and he found a small piece of metal lodged within the contactor causing a dead short across two phases. An unusual fault and not one regularly experienced.

This is a good example of our on-site team going the extra mile to support our client – without the heating system the Plant cannot run so resolving the issue helped them to avoid significant production loss.  Furthermore, we were able to recommend additional remedial actions to improve the overall condition of the heating system and ensure Statutory Maintenance requirements were complete.  These additional actions should ensure a failure of this type cannot happen again.

A client representative was grateful and sent Matt the following message “A big thank you personally for the support you and your team have rendered today, superb!”