'PEME - Dangling Darren'

Darren and Kirsty Martin have ticked-off another challenge from their bucket list by abseiling down Peterborough Cathedral (only 150 ft with wind!) and raised funding for a worthwhile charity.

They like to do something a bit different and hope to help secure the cathedral’s future by raising money for the most iconic building in Peterborough (apart from the new PEME offices of course).

Darren is PEME’s Engineer Director and has been with the company for 24 years.  He is an Engineering Compliance specialist and with his team, supports industry in ensuring their Plant assets are safe and achieving their full potential.

Peterborough Cathedral are allowing thrill-seekers, like the Martins, to ascend the ancient spiral staircase within the great North West Tower, take in the breath-taking views of the City from 150 ft up, clip-in and begin their descent. All in aid of the Cathedral’s 900th Anniversary in 2018. The cathedral reports that the funds raised from the abseil event has now topped £50,000.