PEME - Ted Melnyczuk

Ted Melnyczuk is a key member of the PEME Design and Software department with responsibility for working on designing and commissioning Electrical / Software control and safety systems in support of our Asset Care partners.

Ted joined PEME 14 years ago and has worked on behalf of many of our clients across several sectors, although most recently has been very busy within the food and drinks sector.

At the outset of his career, Ted completed his apprenticeship with BT (formerly GPO Telephones) before finding himself one day in 1987 on an industrial dispute picket line when he decided that perhaps there is more to life than toasting sausages against a blazing oil drum (well it was the 80’s). Shortly afterwards, he changed jobs to begin working as an Electrical and Software Design Engineer with a local industrial automation engineering company and from there joined the ‘PEME All-Stars’ in 2003.

Some of Ted’s hobbies have included obtaining his solo glider licence (flying without engines), listening to contemporary R&B (flying without wings), motorcycling and presenting on community radio. At the age of 14 he passed the City & Guilds Amateur Radio licence exam and was granted a licence from the then Home Office (now Ofcom) to transmit speech and other forms of data to communicate with other radio amateurs around the world. Later he added sending & receiving Morse code to his operating skills…Now he just texts and spends many weekends during the summer wild glamping around the North Norfolk coast, taking in the scenery, but still supporting the drinks industry.