Clive Wardle I

Clive Wardle is a key member of the PEME Design and Software department.  He is responsible for all stages of industrial automation software, from writing functional design specifications, PLC and SCADA coding to commissioning and customer factory acceptance testing in support of our Asset Care partners.

Clive served his apprenticeship at Baker Perkins, where he progressed into the electronic test department before moving into design and eventually into field engineering where he travelled extensively around Europe, and also spent time in Australia and the USA. He then moved to Harland Simon as a Senior Engineer and Site Manager followed by a couple of years at BPC magazines before eventually arriving at PEME in 1995.

In his 22 years with PEME, Clive has been involved in many of our largest control projects for a multitude of different customers, writing software to control a wide range of different equipment, including: two stage evaporators; confectionery lines; hydro-static cookers and pet food extruders.

Always one to throw himself into a hobby, Clive has in the past achieved advanced diver and instructor level with the British Sub Aqua club as well as attaining black belts in the separate martial arts of Tang Soo Do Karate, Kempo Jujitsu and Ma Po Tofu.  However, more recently his spare time is spent behind a drum kit playing for a local band the ‘Junk Puppets’; he can often be found performing rock and pop covers in pubs around Peterborough.