Infrared James Qualifies

PEME utilises infrared (IR) thermography inspections to view systems (electrical, mechanical and building envelopes) under normal operating conditions to identify abnormally hot (or cool) areas or components.

This is a powerful maintenance tool because in many instances, equipment failure is preceded by a period of increasing heat.  This is especially true of electrical equipment.

With Infrared Thermography you can identify overheating electrical connections and other machine components, scheduling repairs to be made during planned downtime.  This increases reliability and productivity for the entire operation.

PEME Reliability Engineer, James Maile, has qualified as a Category 1 certified thermographer.  James attended training at the Infrared Training Centre where he learnt about the basics of IR, how to operate a thermal camera under different conditions and for various purposes, how to do an appropriate judgement of the measurement situation in the field and how to identify potential error sources. James is now qualified to conduct IR inspections following written guidelines and to report the result of this inspection and will be using this newly acquired skill-set as one of the Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) techniques he utilises in support of our Plant Maintenance client sites.

James joined PEME in 2013 having completed a 4-year advanced mechanical apprenticeship with Crown Paints where he gained good maintenance experience.  He is undergoing an intensive training / mentoring programme which has involved him working at all our client sites where we conduct routine CBM tasks.