Karen’s Long Service

Karen Long Service Award (2)

When Karen Pike first joined PEME she was the HR department and in the last 15 years has been instrumental in establishing our HR processes and developing a team that is capable of supporting all the people that work for PEME.

This has been recognised with her previous promotion to Associate Director and now with the award of a PEME Long Service Award.

During her PEME career, Karen has faced many challenges and passed many milestones including the development of a best-practise recruitment process that enables us to rapidly deploy Plant Maintenance and Engineering Compliance teams across industry and when we mobilise new Asset Care contracts.  This capability has enabled PEME to provide sustainable support to our long-term partners.

Karen was also the driving force behind the introduction of the PEME Apprenticeship Scheme.  This scheme has provided the opportunity for many people to take-up engineering as a profession and gain professional qualifications via local colleges.  Many ex-PEME apprentices have progressed into higher education and into team leader and operational manager roles.

Having established the apprenticeship scheme, Karen recognised the need to provide a career-path for our engineers and this led to the introduction of Team Leader training, appraisals and an efficient business administration infrastructure complying with legislation and best-practise.

Karen is shown being awarded her PEME Long Service Award, having clocked-up 15 years continuous service, from PEME MD, Ashley Maile.

Karen said “There have been many challenges that we have had to overcome.  I take satisfaction in how our HR team perform and how they all contribute to making PEME a better place to work but I am especially proud of our apprenticeship scheme and how many of those trainees have developed into award winning engineers.”

Elaine Brattan (HR stalwart) said “Karen works in HR, she solves problems you didn’t know existed in ways you can’t even imagine.”