Kev Joins Half-mile High Club

PEME mechanical designer, Kev McShane, showed dedication above and beyond the call-of-duty when agreeing to be hoisted 40 metres into the air to complete a recent task.

Kev is part of the PEME team removing redundant equipment from a client site for utilisation on other sites and needed access to the top of some storage bins to assess the safest way of first releasing and lifting them clear. With no access to the lower part of the platform, the only alternative was the offer of a crane and a man-basket by JT Cranes.  Never one to refuse an engineering challenge and no stranger to a man-basket, Kev took-up the offer and was hoisted up, up and away. 

PEME have completed a number of Project Installations involving the removal, relocation, installation and commissioning of redundant plant assets. This typically provides an extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for our clients.

JT Cranes have been working closely with PEME in removing equipment from this site for the last three months and Kev is shown here with Contracts Manager, Darren Lee, hovering above Planet Earth.