Kevin Boddy Safety Award

At a recent PEME management meeting, Site Contracts Manager Kevin Boddy received a deserved safety ‘Near Miss’ award from MD, Ashley Maile. Kevin spotted and dealt with a potentially dangerous gas installation, on a client’s site, which could have had significant consequences.

A ‘near miss’ is any incident, accident or emergency which did not result in an injury. Certain types of near misses are reportable to HSE. Recording all (Reportable and non-reportable) near misses is good Safety Management  practice and PEME use the information provided to help prevent re-occurrences.

PEME record all near misses to help identify any weaknesses in our procedures which could have potentially serious consequences. We review near misses over time to identify trends from which lessons can be learned. Where a review of the near miss information reveals that changes to ways of operating, risk assessments or safety management arrangements are needed, PEME put these changes into effect.

Health and Safety Manager Michael Edwards commented “Kevin’s actions set an example to the people who work for him and demonstrates the commitment to safety we see at all levels across PEME”.