Leigh Stewart Safety Award

Leigh Stewart is the latest recipient of a PEME safety award. The awards are part of a PEME initiative to highlight workplace hazards and improve safety for our staff and the personnel we work with.

Leigh, who came through the PEME apprenticeship  programme correctly identified that circuits in an electrical panel, which were supposed to have been isolated, had been incorrectly labelled by other tradepersons and were in fact still “live”. Using his training and common sense, Leigh identified the correct isolation points and re-labelled the cables to ensure that anyone following behind was not put at risk.

Whilst this was a relatively simple issue, Leigh’s response typifies PEME’s approach to Safety; i.e. identify the problem, deal with it in a practical and proactive way and leave it safe for others.

PEME Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Michael Edwards, is shown presenting PEME Electrician Leigh Stewart with his Safety Award.