Long Service Celebrated

PEME – long service awards

The loyalty and commitment of several members of our staff was recognised at the recent PEME annual awards evening with long service awards for five engineers who collectively have 110 years of continuous service.

In acknowledgment and appreciation of their outstanding commitment, the picture shows, from the left,  the following award recipients:  Mick Hodson (30 years’ service) and Phil Hennessey, Pat McAuley, Neil Gray and Martyn Coultas (all 20 years’ service). One of the strengths of PEME is the experience provided by our workforce and between them this group have made a major contribution to our success as a company.

The annual recognition awards ceremony was led by Ashley Maile, PEME MD, who said: “This year several members of staff have reached the milestone of 20 or 30 years’ continuous service. I was delighted to present an award to every one of them. They totally deserve this kind of recognition as I know first-hand the pride they put into their work. The length of service shows the dedication and commitment they have for PEME and our Asset Care partners. I am so proud to have such a wonderful team”.